Jazz Port Townsend – Workshop FAQ

Who should attend?
YOU! Whether you are a playing professional, part of a combo, an aspiring jazz professional, or a serious amateur, Jazz Port Townsend is the perfect place for you to meet other excellent musicians, soak up a week of jazz in a seaside paradise, and leave knowing you’re a better musician.

Do I need to audition for the workshop?
Yes. At the Workshop, you’ll be placed in combos with other players. We want the combo experience to be as dynamic and well matched as possible. Auditions help us do that.

How do I apply?

What is the cost?

Tuition = $805
Room/board = $580 (3 meals) or $500 (lunch/dinner only)
Meals only = $305 (3 meals) or $225 (lunch/dinner only)

Is financial aid available?
Yes, you may apply for a scholarship. When you register, you’ll have the option of filling out an application form online. Preference is given to applicants who are willing to help in some way during the workshop. A list of potential positions and tasks is on the scholarship application. You may preview the application questions.

Where will I stay?
Your home for the week is historic Fort Worden State Park, a turn-of-the-20th century fort that overlooks the Strait of Juan de Fuca, with expansive views of the Olympic and Cascade mountain ranges. Meals are served in the park conference center dining facility.

What is the schedule like?
You’ll work hard, but we also build in time to relax and jam informally with other participants. Read the basic schedule for the week.

Are drums and guitar/bass amps provided?
We provide a quality acoustic piano in every room, but we don’t provide drums, amps or any other instruments. All participants except pianists need to bring or rent everything they need to make music (including a music stand). You can rent drums, basses and amps from two sources which will be delivered to Centrum:

  • Kennelly Keys Music. Call 206.440.8299 or email ng@kennellykeysmusic.com for details.
  • Crossroads Music. Call 360.385.1471 for details.

How do I know if I’m good enough to come to the workshop?
Participants with a wide range of abilities and experience attend the workshop each year. We have ensembles and classes to fit seasoned professionals, beginning improvisers, and everyone in between. Please note that even the beginning classes are designed for people who already have a reasonable degree of skill on their instrument or voice. The typical high school student (or older) who has been playing since 5th or 6th grade does just fine.

Can I get a ride?
Centrum will operate an airport shuttle to and from Sea-Tac airport on the first and last days of the Festival. You can sign up for the shuttle when you register.  Read the 2015 Shuttle Guide.

Is smoking allowed during Centrum programs?

As posted within Fort Worden, smoking of any kind is prohibited by state law inside any public building or within 25 feet of any public building entrance including windows and ventilation intakes.

Regarding the recent legalization of marijuana and the passage of I‐502, Washington state law only allows the displaying or consuming of marijuana or a marijuana-infused product on private property. Under no circumstances is such use permitted outdoors at Fort Worden, in public spaces at the Park, or within any building at Fort Worden State Park. State park rangers will enforce the law. Thank you for abiding by Fort Worden State Park policy while a guest at Centrum’s programs.