Port Townsend Acoustic Blues Festival FAQ

Tuition (Adult): Cost of the 2018 workshop is $595. This includes admission to all workshop activities, and all public performances (Wednesday dance, Saturday main stage and Friday and Saturday Blues in the Clubs).

Tuition (Youth under 18): Under 18 cost of the 2018 workshop is $495. This includes admission to all workshop activities, and all public performances (Wednesday dance, Saturday main stage and Friday and Saturday Blues in the Clubs).

Registration: Register online beginning November 7. Once you’ve registered for the workshop, you will have the opportunity to reserve room and board through Centrum.

Day Pass: Participants can register for a day pass to attend the 2018 workshop on any given day between Monday and Friday. The cost per day is $125. This includes admission to all workshop activities that day and evening, but does not include public performances (main stage and blues in the clubs). You can pre-register online for one day pass at a time and will need to pick up your badge and book in the Centrum office on the morning of the day you are registering for, even if you are pre-paid. To purchase an additional day pass, you will need to come back to the Centrum office that morning.

Scholarships: If you think you might need financial assistance, Centrum has both a scholarship and a work-trade program. Early application is encouraged. Deadline for applications is June 1, 2018.

Gospel track: Tuition for the 2018 gospel track is $165. This includes admission to the gospel class Monday through Friday (3:30 – 5:30pm) and all evening activities in Building 204 Monday through Saturday. The gospel track includes entrance to the mainstage performance on Saturday afternoon but does not include Blues in the Clubs or the Wednesday dance. There will be a gospel performance on Saturday.

Refund policy: A non-refundable $200 deposit is required to hold your space and goes toward your tuition. Scholarship applicants require a $50 deposit, which is refundable if you are unable to attend. Full payment is due by July 2, 2018. Your $200 deposit is nonrefundable but your remainder payment is fully refundable until July 2, 2018. There are no refunds available after July 2, 2018.

Room and Board: Most participants stay in private unadorned dormitory rooms at Fort Worden. If you stay in a dorm, you are required to purchase a meal ticket. There are a limited number of double rooms, that is, rooms with two twin beds. All rooms come with linens, blankets, and towels, but you should plan on bringing soap and personal toiletry items. Rates are below.

Jam Dorm: In addition to the 225 dorm, the 203 dorm is available for participants who have requested being able to jam in or near their dorm rooms at any hour. These will be available on a first come first served basis.

Food: Meals are served at the Fort Worden Commons, who has a passion for fine locally-grown food in a socially-responsible manner.

2018 Room and Board rates:

  • Dorm room with 3 meals/day: $640
  • Dorm room with lunch and dinner: $550
  • Meals only – 3 meals/day: $325
  • Meals only – lunch and dinner: $235

Transportation: Centrum will operate an airport shuttle to and from Sea-Tac airport on the first and last days of the Festival.  Read the 2018 Shuttle Guide. Round trip cost is $110, one way is $55. You can sign up for the shuttle when you register.

Under 18: Centrum encourages young blues musicians to attend the workshop. Blues participants under-18 must be accompanied by a registered chaperone. Youth are encouraged to apply for a scholarship if needed. Participants under 18 years old will be required to sign a Centrum Student Contract.

Chaperones: If the chaperone of an under-18 does not care to participate in the workshop, there is a no-cost option in our registration type drop down. If the under-18 is staying in the dorm, their chaperone will need to also stay in the dorm and pay for their own room and board.

Climate: Summer nights in the Pacific Northwest can be chilly. Please remember to bring a sweater, sweatshirt or jacket.

Is smoking allowed during Centrum programs? As posted within Fort Worden, smoking of any kind is prohibited by state law inside any public building or within 25 feet of any public building entrance including windows and ventilation intakes.

Regarding the recent legalization of marijuana and the passage of I‐502, Washington state law only allows the displaying or consuming of marijuana or a marijuana-infused product on private property. Under no circumstances is such use permitted outdoors at Fort Worden, in public spaces at the Park, or within any building at Fort Worden State Park. State park rangers will enforce the law. Thank you for abiding by Fort Worden State Park policy while you are a guest at Centrum’s programs.


Other Questions:

Please contact program manager Mary Hilts at mhilts@centrum.org or (360)385-3102 x116