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Cajun Legend Doug Kershaw Joins 2017 Fiddle Tunes

Cajun Legend Doug Kershaw Joins 2017 Fiddle Tunes

Whose song was the first song broadcast back to the Earth from the Moon? Why that would be Doug Kershaw’s song. But that’s only a tiny part of this “Ragin’ Cajun’s” story. Participants at the 2017 Fiddle Tunes Workshop will get the full story in July, as Doug has agreed to make the trip from Louisiana to

Maja Kjaer Jacobsen Brings Denmark to Port Townsend

As the daughter of a singer and guitarist, Maja Kjær Jacobsen‘s path to becoming a musician was natural. And we’re thrilled that part of her path will involve coming to Fiddle Tunes in 2017. At age 14 Maja she took up the fiddle, with great inspiration from the fiddlers performing at festivals such as the

Welcome Fiddle Champ Calvin Vollrath to Fiddle Tunes

Centrum is thrilled to announce that Alberta-based fiddler Calvin Vollrath will be joining Fiddle Tunes in 2017! Calvin’s love for music began at an early age when he used to mimic his father Art “Lefty” Vollrath with two butter knives. He got his first fiddle at the age of 8, and it was soon apparent

Fiddle Tunes Artistic Director Nominated for Grammy Award

Centrum’s Artistic Director for Fiddle Tunes, Joel Savoy, was recently nominated for a Grammy Award for I Wanna Sing Right, Rediscovering Lomax in the Evangeline Country. Hearty Congratulations, Joel! “I’m so honored and thrilled that my record, I Wanna Sing Right, Rediscovering Lomax in the Evangeline Country, was one of the five GRAMMY Nominations for

Centrum Announces the Peter McCracken Heritage Fund for Traditional Music

In recognition of the 40th Anniversary of the Festival of American Fiddle Tunes, Centrum board president Carla Main, executive director Robert Birman and Fiddle Tunes’ Artistic Director Suzy Thompson are pleased to announce the creation of a permanently-restricted endowment fund for Centrum, named in perpetuity in honor of Peter McCracken, longstanding Program Manager at Centrum.