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David Romtvedt’s Postcard from Basque Country

David Romtvedt’s Postcard from Basque Country

David Romtvedt, longtime friend of Centrum’s Fiddle Tunes, is a musician, writer, and a champion of Basque culture.  David is traveling in the Basque Country (an autonomous community in northern Spain) during the month of May.  He has been visiting with Joseba Tapia, Arkaitz Miner and Xabier Leturia, three Basque musicians who will be on

Dewey Balfa, Phil Johnson, Marc Savoy

Don Mussell’s Amazing Fiddle Tunes Photos

If you were part of the first handful of Festival of American Fiddle Tunes gatherings, you probably saw and heard Don Mussell. A musical adventurer with an eye for the visual – Don was an avid Fiddle Tunes workshop participant as well as an unofficial documentarian in the late 70s and early 80s. Recently, Don


Joseph Decosimo and the Tennessee Fiddling Tradition

People, place, and persistence are all part of how fiddling traditions are passed from one generation to the next. Devon Léger of Hearth Music recently put together an outstanding interview with an ambassador of old time Tennessee fiddling, Joseph Decosimo. Joseph will be joining us at Fiddle Tunes in 2013 and if you want to

Curley Miller and Carole Ann Rose

Carole Ann Rose, Curly Miller, Banjos, and The Old 78s

Our friends at No Depression recently published an extensive and outstanding profile of Carole Ann Rose, Curly Miller and their latest project, The Old 78s.  Carole Ann and Curly will be bring their Old Time chops to to Fiddle Tunes in 2013. Ernie Hill’s profile of the duo covers a lot of ground, with a