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Mark Doty on New Poems: Unscrew The Locks From the Doors

Mark Doty on New Poems: Unscrew The Locks From the Doors

Centrum is excited welcome poet Mark Doty back to the Port Townsend Writers’ Conference in 2017. His Conference workshop will focus on writing new poems: UNSCREW THE LOCKS FROM THE DOORS: Writing New Poems Walt Whitman, early in the “language experiment” he called LEAVES OF GRASS, calls on his readers to open the locked doors

Centrum Announces High School Writers Conference

When Jane Ligon was 16, she was a serious and shy teenager living in Spokane, Washington. She liked listening to music, either rap or classic rock, and spending time with friends. But, perhaps most of all, she liked to write. That interest led her to the “teen track” at the Port Townsend Writers’ Conference at

Kathryn Trueblood on Turning Life into Fiction

Winner of the 2013 Goldenberg Award in Fiction and the 2011 Red Hen Press Story Award, Kate Trueblood understands the complication of balancing a career and family. She is the mother of two children, a writer, and an Associate Professor at Western Washington University. Kate will be on faculty at the 2017 Port Townsend Writers

Melissa Febos: Writing About Trauma as a Subversive Act

Melissa Febos will be teaching at the 2017 Port Townsend Writers’ Conference.  In the January/February issue of Poets & Writers, Febos wrote about “The Heart-Work: Writing About Trauma as a Subversive Act,” exploring the role of emotional self-examination or healing in writing. “Since when did telling our own stories and deriving their insights become so reviled?

Samuel Ligon Teaches Novelists How to Begin

Begin your novel this summer at Centrum. As part of the Port Townsend Writers’ Conference, novelist Samuel Ligon teaches a week-long course entitled “Novel Beginnings: Clocks and Promises.” Looking at such examples as The Catcher in the Rye and Ann Patchett’s Bel Canto, Ligon–the most popular instructor in the history of the Conference–will work with you on

2017 Port Townsend Writers’ Conference Registration Underway

As of November 1, 2016, registrations are being accepted for the 2017 Port Townsend Writers’ Conference. Whether you’re new to writing, and seeking an inspirational environment to create new work; looking for advanced post-MFA revision workshops; or simply desire to renew and recharge yourself in a writing retreat, the Port Townsend Writers’ Conference gives you