Voice Works – Cost and FAQ

What does it cost?

A $200 deposit is required to hold your space, $50 of which is non-refundable. Scholarship applicants require a $100 deposit, which is fully refundable until May 15 if you are unable to attend.

  • Adult Tuition: $475
  • Additional Family Member (sibling, spouse, child; limit of two): $260
  • Youth (under 21): $260
  • Canadian Resident: $400 US

Workshop tuition includes admission to everything, including great seats at all public performances.

Full payment is due by May 15, 2018. If your full payment is not made by May 15, your registration will be cancelled. $50 of your deposit is nonrefundable, but your remainder payment is fully refundable until May 31. No refunds – tuition, room, or board – are available after May 31.


If you think you might need financial assistance, Centrum has a robust scholarship and work-trade program. Scholarships are available to individuals earning less than $40K per year, or an individual in a family or household that earns less than $65K per year. If you have a special circumstance, please apply and explain your situation.

Apply online as you register (choose “register/apply”). Please note that except in rare cases, scholarships are available for tuition only. Centrum expects you to contribute in some way towards your participation. If you ask for a scholarship for 100% of tuition, you’d best make an extremely compelling argument.

Centrum favors applicants who are young and passionate, and those on a fixed income.

There are a limited number of work trade positions as well, awarded on a first-come, first served basis. Scholarship applicants require a $100 deposit, which is fully refundable by May 15 if you are unable to attend.

Room and Board at Fort Worden

Most participants stay in private dormitory rooms at Fort Worden. You may reserve a dorm room with no meal ticket (there is a limited number of this option). There are a limited number of double rooms, that is, rooms with two twin beds. All rooms come with linens, blankets, and towels, but you should plan on bringing soap and personal toiletry items. Please note – there is no music playing in the dorms. There are plenty of other spaces at Fort Worden to make music.

Meals are served at the Fort Worden Commons. The first meal is dinner on June 25; last meal is breakfast on June 30.

Room and Board Fees:

  • Private Room only: $210
  • Private Room and all meals: $430
  • Private Room with lunch and dinner only: $360
  • All meals: $220
  • Lunch and dinner only: $150

Other Housing Options

Camp sites and RV spaces are available at Fort Worden, but they tend to fill quickly. To reserve a campsite, visit https://washington.goingtocamp.com/FortWordenStatePark?List

For accommodations in town, visit enjoypt.com/stay/

How do I get to Fort Worden?


Centrum operates a summer airport shuttle, that you can sign up for during registration. Read the 2018 Shuttle Guide.

What can I buy in Port Townsend?

Within two miles of Fort Worden, you can get to the post office, a music store, a health food store, a pharmacy, 20 restaurants, gas stations, banks, and several coffee shops.

Is smoking allowed during Centrum programs?

As posted within Fort Worden, smoking of any kind is prohibited by state law inside any public building or within 25 feet of any public building entrance including windows and ventilation intakes.

Marijuana use is now unlawful anywhere in a state park, whether or not a person is in view of the general public. Thank you for abiding by Fort Worden State Park policy while a guest at Centrum’s programs.

What should I bring with me?

Warm clothes (think: layers), as the weather can be cool and windy; your instrument if you play one, a hat, and sunscreen. Also bring picks, extra strings, alarm clock, music recorder and plenty of extra batteries and media, a flashlight, coffee cup, tea bags, camera, snack food, and a reusable water bottle.

Internet access

The internet is available campus-wide at Fort Worden.