College Credit

year, Centrum’s Jazz Workshop makes University of Washington college
credit available to all eligible Workshop participants.  This is a 496
level seminar class carrying 3 credits for summer quarter.  If you have
participated in the past, you should be aware that there is a 10 credit
maximum for 496 courses.  Clock hour credits are also available for
teachers needing these.

You will register for credit and pay
your fees to The University of Washington at orientation July 22 the
evening of the workshop registration.  Fees include a $30
non-refundable registration fee for UW summer quarter, plus a $145
course fee.

David Marriott faculty member at Centrum’s 2007 Jazz
Workshop, is the instructor of record for the course.  If you have
additional questions about course credit please contact him when you
arrive at the Workshop.

We hope that this program will be helpful to you in your continuing education.

• • • • • • • • •

Course Description
MUSED 496:  Special Topics in Music Education
Centrum’s 2007 Jazz Workshop

Workshop offers participants the opportunity to rehearse, perform and
study with leading jazz artists. Emphasis is placed on developing and
refining rehearsal and performance skills, as well as developing as a
soloist, primarily within ensembles.  Study in jazz theory, history,
and diverse  ensembles is also made available to interested students.

will be evaluated based on their participation in ensembles and
classes, as well as a paper which discusses the skills, techniques and
concepts emphasized in the courses they follow. Topics could include: a
comparison of teaching methodologies and approaches observed during the
Workshop; a summary of the philosophies of the artist faculty in their
approach to jazz performance and instruction; or the application of the
content of the Workshop to the participant’s own skill level.

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