Judith Bird’s “Witness”

Donor Judith Bird is a visual artist. In the summer of 2006, she exhibited “Witness” at Port Angeles’s Fine Arts Center at Webster’s Woods. Forty shrunken sweaters gazde out of the forest, toward a meadow. Judith_bird2 What they are observing is up to the reader to interpret. “You can infer narratives in this piece, and make up your own stories,” said the center’s director, Jake Seniuk. Bird’s other work includes hand-dyed silk scarves and Edwardian jackets made from felted handwoven Merino wool with silk lining. Her 2006 collection has been shown in both Port Townsend and New York City. In February, Bird showed a new collection of clothes in NYC. The clothes are based on games, with checkerboard trim on jackets, buttons made from vintage Scrabble pieces, and clothes designed with poker chips.