Performance Information

Two years ago, audiences were simply blown away by Centrum's Voiceworks concert presentation. Last year, the inaugural Slide and Steel Festival had a similar impact on concert goers. In 2007, we are combining the concert presentations of each workshop for what we think will be a truly memorable week of music.

Bobby_black_2006Tickets on sale May 1

Mainstage Performances

McCurdy Pavilion

Reserved seats: $20 (kids free)

Saturday, June 30, 1:30 pm

Panoply of Slide Guitar—Bottleneck, Dobro,

Lap Slide, and Pedal Steel

Terry Robb • Stacy Phillips • Bobby Black • Joe Wright • Marley’s Ghost

Saturday, June 30, 7:30 pm

Saturday Night Extravaganza
Laurie Lewis and Tom Rozum • Hannes Coetzee • Linda and David Lay • The Birmingham Sunlights

Weeknight Performances

$10 each night

Wednesday, June 27, 8 pm • Building 204

 Country Dance

  led by Wylie Gustafson, Bobby Black, and the All-Star Faculty Band

Thursday, June 28, 8 pm • Joseph F. Wheeler Theater

 Slide from Around the World

  Mary Lucey with Billy Cardine • Hannes Coetzee

Friday, June 29, 8 pm • Building 204

Old Style Cajun Honky Tonk Dance
  led by Christine Balfa Powell and Richard Comeaux