Workshop Description

Join us for VoiceWorks: A Week of Singing, celebrating the joy and potential of the human voice. At VoiceWorks, June 24 – 30, 2007, experience a week that brings you together with world-class artists and other participants in an energizing community of voices. The experience is designed for everyone.
Workshop_photoDay and night, you’ll soak up the styles, the songs, and the stories in a wide range of vocal traditions. You’ll learn about breathing, phrasing, and dynamics. You’ll find your range, learn how to find your key, and you’ll learn that your hearing might well be your most important asset. Through close observation and personal experimentation, you’ll learn new songs, learn how to make your voice blend, and what makes your voice unique. The week culminates in a public performance by the faculty on Saturday.

VoiceWorks is open to everyone. Differing levels of ability are expected, and the faculty is eager to respond to participant needs accordingly. Whether you sing in the shower, in the car, or in front of thousands, we’re ready to show you the time of your life!

The VoiceWorks workshop will run concurrently with the Slide & Steel workshop, and there will be some integration between the two gatherings. Most of the faculty will be teaching two sessions a day. Generally speaking, one session will be incremental, building upon the work done on the previous day. The second daily class will be more spontaneous, evolving on-site as a collaboration with another faculty person, or perhaps a one-time class (for example, “The Music of the Louvin Brothers,” or “How to find the fourth harmony part”).

Tuition for the workshop is $425 ($325 for returning participants who register a new participant on the same day as they register. There is also a special “family rate” in which two immediate family members (parent/child, siblings) registering together pay $425 for one and $325 for the other.) Tuition includes admission to all festival events. Room and board options range from $200 to $385.