Workshop Description

Whether you’re a playing professional, aspiring professional, or committed avocational player, the weeklong workshop at Jazz Port Townsend, July 22 – 29, 2007, is the perfect opportunity to meet other excellent musicians, soak up a week of jazz in a seaside paradise, and leave as a better musician.
You’ll receive focused instruction as you rehearse daily in combos or vocal classes. Jazz Theory sessions provide valuable information for increasing your skills as an improvisor. Master classes are conducted each day by faculty members who cover topics specific to their chosen instruments. “Faculty Presents” concerts each afternoon give you a chance to hear performances in an intimate setting. The workshop culminates in a series of “Students Present” concerts in which all participants have an opportunity to perform.

Applicants must have good technical command of their instrument or voice, as well as elementary improvisation experience or a basic knowledge of music theory. Differing levels of experience are expected, and every effort is made to match players of similar abilities. An audition is required.

Applicants apply at one of three levels: Beginner/Intermediate, Advanced, or Semi-Pro. Semi-pro players have the option of applying for specially themed combos, focusing on specific styles. All participants receive daily instruction from our outstanding artist faculty.

Tuition is $595, and includes admission to all festival events. Room and board options range from $200 to $385.