Help Us Plan for Growth

"Fort Worden has a precious legacy and there is now the chance to build on that legacy in ways that serve those whose lives have already been changed by experiences at the park, and to open up that opportunity for learning and transformation to millions more. We must imagine what we do on an entirely different scale. We must understand that our commitment to change is a commitment to changing the way people live on this earth. Our vision must be audacious, for the opportunities before us are extraordinary and the challenges daunting."

This is the last paragraph of our draft Plan for Growth. We would love your input on the whole document. I hope you will comment with  ideas, concerns, and questions. This whole endeavor is about listening to, learning from, and engaging  members of the myriad communities that gather at Centrum and Fort Worden. Thank you for taking the time to read…

Download plan_for_growth_07.doc