Lyrics to “Why, Mrs. Sea?”

Reprinted below for your viewing and singing pleasure, are the lyrics
to one of the two group songs written by workshop participants at
Centrum’s 2007 Waterworld program (here’s a link to the other song).

Why, Mrs. Sea?

by 2007 Waterworld participants with Gina Salá 
Why are you salty, Mrs. Sea
Are you Mrs. or a mystery
Nobody knows where you flow from you to me
Why are you salty, Mrs. Sea?
    Is it faulty plates, Mrs. Sea?
    Is there a volcano beneath thee?
    Or could it just be, part of your mystery?
    Why are you salty, Mrs. Sea?
I asked the crab, he did not know.
The whale slapped his tail and said it wasn’t so.
The jellyfish said its just – part of the flow
Why are you salty? We may never know…
When I asked the sea she turned to me
And the waves swelled taller than a redwood tree
She crashed upon the shore, but answered no more
So she remains a mystery.
 Yes she remains a mystery
 She remains a mystery.