Record-Breaking Generosity

Over the last three years, Centrum’s overall revenues have grown from $1.80 million to $2.45 million, an increase of 36%. Revenue projections for 2007 are pinned at about $2.7 million. We have diversified earned revenue streams generating an increase of $450,000 or 44% from 2003.

While public sector contributions have declined by 2%, private sector giving is up 64%. Over the last 12 months Centrum donors have provided a record-breaking $1,145,819 in contributed support. Thirty-four individuals and institutions—giving $5,000 or more—accounted for almost 80% of that total. The other 979 donors gave an average gift of $235. The fifteen members of the Centrum board contributed a total of $141,000.

This is amazing generosity. The students, artists, audiences, and staff applaud you!!!