Teaching and Performing: Antonio Lysy

"I can't do without either," Antonio Lysy says, when asked if he prefers performing or teaching.Antonio_lysy

Performing puts Lysy close to the music, close to the instrument, and to a place of "discovering more about myself, about my limits. It's a great incentive to then be able to pass [that] on," he says.

Antonio is an artist of international stature. He has performed worldwide in major concert halls, including the Royal Festival Hall, the Convertgebuow, and the Berlin Philharmonie. He has also appeared extensively as a soloist, with such orchestras as the Royal Philharmonic and Philharmonia Orchestras of London, Camerata Academica of Salzburg, Zurich Tonhalle, the Zagreb Soloists, Orchestra di Padova e il Veneto, and many, many others.

He currently teaches at UCLA and will be at the Port Townsend Chamber Music Festival August 5-12, teaching, tutoring, and performing.

Listen to Lysy playing Bach's Suite No. 3 in C major.