Tenor Saxophonist Eric Barber

Tenor saxophonist Eric Barber hung out at Centrum last week, working on new compositions. Eric, who also plays soprano sax ("it’s like an alter ego," he says), integrates influences from jazz, Balkan, and Eric_barber_2 Indian styles in his work. He often improvises in 5/8, 7/8, 9/8, and 11/8 metered rhythms, superimposing those meters on other rhythms and styles.

A Pacific Northwest native, Eric lived for seven years in Los Angeles, working with musicians from all over the world. He and his wife recently moved to Seattle in order to raise their children away from the Los Angeles smog, and Eric has become an integral part of the Northwest jazz scene.

To those just starting out in jazz, Eric says, "Listening is number one. Develop a focused and disciplined routine. And don’t be afraid to explore other genres. If you want to play Coldplay in your jazz band, then do it!"