The International Focus of Camille Dungy

"Groups of poems are the culmination of a journey, one more frequently meandering than direct," Camille Camille_dungy_1_4Dungy says. "This is a journey that should not be rushed. To rush would mean eating fast food in the car while speeding along the interstate rather than waiting for a slow-to-cook meal with four new friends who are eager to relay a few local legends. Poems require time in which to travel and explore."

Dungy is the author of What to Eat, What to Drink What to Leave for Poison. She has won many fellowships, is widely published in literary magazines, and currently teaches at San Francisco State University.

In her new poems, Dungy creates narratives about people who escaped from Southern slaveowners on the Underground Railroad.

Click here to hear Camille Dungy reading from her work. To listen to her discussion of the finishing of her poem "Requiem" click here. Dungy will be hanging out at the Port Townsend Writers’ Conference July 15-22, teaching, reading, writing, and sparking conversations about the role of the writer in the global world. 

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