Voiceworks: A Week of Singing!

Christine_balfa_powell_2 At Voiceworks: A Week of Singing, you'll have the opportunity to learn a cappella gospel quartet singing from the Birmingham Sunlights (pictured lower right), bluegrass singing from Grammy winner Laurie Lewis, yodeling and cowboy songs from Wylie Gustafson, Cajun music from Christine Balfa Powell (pictured left), Anglo-Celtic repertoire from Jon Wilcox, simple music theory from Jerry Fletcher, songs of the Carter family from Linda Lay, and early country songs from Mary Lucey, the singer/guitarist for Birmingham_sunlights_2_2 bluegrass band the Biscuit Burners. Browse this site to learn more, or call us at 360.385.3102 x127 or email Voiceworks program manager Peter McCracken. We have video of several of the faculty performing: including Wylie Gustafson (the Yahoo! yodeler), Linda Lay, Laurie Lewis, and the Birmingham Sunlights. We've also got full bios, workshop schedules, and more. We'll see you at the Fort!