How Smart Are Octopuses?

Saturday, June 30th  2:30 pm in the Marine Exhibit
Rolandanderson_2Everyone has heard that octopuses are intelligent but just how smart are they? Dr. Anderson will give an outline of the life of the world’s largest species of octopuses (yes,  that is the correct plural) the giant Pacific octopus. How big do they really get? How smart are they? How smart are they compared to other species of octopuses and how can we tell? What kind of IQ test can you give an octopus?

Roland C. Anderson, Ph.D., is a biologist at the Seattle Aquarium where he has worked for 30 years. He is particularly interested in the natural history and behavior of Puget Sound cephalopods. He has published numerous articles on marine invertebrates of the Pacific Northwest in scientific journals and the trade press and given talks on the behavior of cephalopods and other mollusks at numerous conferences. Admission is free to members and included in the price of exhibit admission for non-members.