Hot News From Fiddle Tunes

Here’s a post of hot topics from your faithful and tireless program manager, Warren Argo.  Thanks to Keven at Centrum for setting up the pathways for me to reach you all this way.

Exciting faculty addition!  Dirk Powell, artistic director, has just invited the fabulous trio, The Creole Cowboys, to join the faculty here in July.  This is the Real Deal from the families of Broussard and Garnier, and I expect to post details on these lads soon.   If spending a week with these fellows and learning about their music and culture seems like fun to you, then join us now.  The workshop is nearing capacity, but there is room for a few more participants, and our large faculty will help to keep workshop size reasonable.

Finally we can reveal the names of the Corps of the Tutors!  The tutors will work closely with the band labs this year to assist participants with matters of technique and access to details of playing and style.  We have invited the following stunning and highly experienced group: Catherine Alexander, Laurie Andres, Sheila Blech, Claudette Boudreaux, Sandy Bradley, Maggie Brunjes, Greg Canote, Jere Canote, Kevin Carr, Clyde Curley, Linda Danielson, Jim Erlandson, Jamie Fox, Mark Gaponoff, Richard Mandell, Chrissie Marshall, Tony Mates, Eric Merrill, Jeanie Murphy, Caroline Oakley, George Penk, Joel Savoy, Erin Shrader, Matt Sircely, Josie Sokoloff-Toney, Molly Tenenbaum, and Cathie Whitesides.  Also invited are David Cahn to lead the beginning band lab and David Romtvedt to lead the kids’ band lab.  Looks inviting, doesn’t it?

You may count on my writing in further detail soon.  Farewell!