Jerry Holland Must Miss Fiddle Tunes

With great saddness we announce that Jerry Holland must stay home this summer to begin immediate treatment for renal cancer. Though our disappointment is extreme, our concern for Jerry’s best-possible future is much greater yet.  Those who wish to follow his treatment and recovery and to contribute spirit and resources, web links will be found everywhere surrounding Jerry’s name.  We wish him the best possible outcome; our hearts and minds are with him always. 

Jerry’s good friend and chosen accompanist in high-powered Canadian music, Daniel Lapp, will step forward in his own behalf and run fiddle workshops all week at Fiddle Tunes.  Daniel is a Canadian champion fiddler and a massive collector of elegant and unusual  Canadian tunes.  Daniel grew up in a musical house, and he has arranged to bring part of that household to Fiddle Tunes to help him out on the piano.  His mother, Charlotte  Lapp, has been playing for over 60 years and is a great spirit among fiddle camps and workshops all over Canada.  She will arrive at Fiddle Tunes on Wednesday to help with the band labs and workshops and concerts and dances and jams and parties and all the rest.  We welcome Charlotte with open arms!

I must point out that it would be foolish to wait much longer to register to attend Fiddle Tunes 2007.  The last few spaces will be filled soon.