Leo Kottke’s Yes and No

Leo_kottke_2 Yes

Velcro, doubt, Ruth Roman, soybeans, crabgrass, Haynes manuals, Crayola silver, morphine, thermocline, blimps, laissez-faire, mahogany, wicker, Java trench, radar, fifties Gibsons, small blocks, teachers, Brompton's mixture, Velveeta, windmills, thumbs, verbs, punctuation, metaphor, divergence, synchronicity, coincidence, rain, PFAW, cumuli, titanium, the Empire State Building, Alvin, largo, chemosynthesis, beans, crop rotation, echoes, fish, deuce coupes, the Panama Canal, paint, moonshine, cotton, limnology, jiu-jitsu, craps, open windows, silence, glass eyes, Grant's tomb, GPS, frontal lobes, filtrums, opisthenars, palms, sleep, coelcanths, the Raid of the Terribore, corn.


Leaf blowers, de-regulation, sushi, spitting, snowmobiles, firecrackers, "community," black ice, brussels sprouts, public address systems, segregated use zoning, the Drudge report, CNN, sealed buildings, sperm banks, tags, room deodorant, Uzis, PCP, PCBs, high school, Monsanto, charter schools, lead, pulp, kumquats, binder, filler, Glade, teaching assistants, stun guns, Christmas records, mosquitoes, super delegates, billboards, talk radio, dog grooming, HMOs, boot scootin', diesel combustion, processed crossovers, cheeseburgers, cattle, sitcoms, hog lagoons, greeting cards, Mr. McPheeley, content labeling, soft money, personal contributions, corporate contributions, billboard lobby, speaking in tongues, Three Stooges, crack, hair blowers, 16-bits, entrepreneurs, super tankers, the NFL, Fox, diet plans, infomercials, advertorials, neologisms, adverbs, like, Valium, crank, spittoons, flower gardens, black holes, blue moons, Nostrodamus, belts, aspartame, Good Morning America, Demerol, styrofoam, Xanax, lapel ribbons, Hamburger Helper, possums, Trent Lott.

Friday, October 5, at 7:30 pm, American guitar virtuoso Leo Kottke gives a special performance at Fort Worden's McCurdy Pavilion. Tickets are available by calling Centrum at 360.385.3102, x117 as well as online at our secure site