Shape Note Singing & Old-Time Dance Tunes

A brief note from Dirk Powell on the upcoming Southern Mountain Traditions gathering in November:

the mountains of Southern Appalachia, old-time dance music and
shape-note singing were two expressions of the same worldview, one
which focused on small local farms, close families, and an impassioned
zeal for life.  While these styles have been separated in today's
compartmentalized world, they fit together in the same way that
differing emotions exist within one person. 

Come and celebrate the way in which these traditions inspire each
other. Participants can study vocals with Tim or old-time banjo/fiddle
with Dirk and Riley, then get together for group events that revel in
the social aspect of the music.  The setting is intimate and the
feeling will be like that of a mountain family reunion of years gone
by. We'll all be together in one house and it will literally be like a
wonderful reunion. 

We will all get together for an ancient rite called a "party." I
know most people haven't heard of such things, but we'll show them.
We'll do focused workshops, then we'll sing together, we'll dance
together, we'll eat good food and drink good wine. Inhibitions and
"lack of separation" anxiety will be attacked full on.

Hope you can join us! Register today.