Orville Johnson Launches New Website

Orville_johnson Centrum's Artistic Director for Slide and Steel, Orville Johnson, has launched a new website. Keep up-to-date with Johnson's traveling and gigs at www.orvillejohnson.com, part of which we'll reprint here!

From Orville's Blog:

"It's been awhile since we talked! I did some fun things this summer so let me fill you in. We can call it 'What I did on my my summer (not) vacation.' Mostly the same kind of stuff I'm always doing, playing music and thinking about music. Occasionally my thoughts drift toward dessert but always circle back to music.

Did some solo gigs, a couple of things with my good pal Mark Graham, participated in an extremely rare reunion of the Dynamic Logs, a band I was one of the founding members of way back in 1978, late 20th century! We gathered for a benefit for one of our singers Valerie Rosa, who had some medical expense troubles (national health care anyone?). It was a smashing success, we packed the Triple Door and had a fun time in the process. We raised a bunch of dough, helped a friend, and made a deposit in the good karma account. It was pretty amazing how songs you haven't played in 20 years come back to you. I read a cool book about how your brain processes music entitled This Is Your Brain On Music by Daniel Levitan. Lots of interesting studies on how you remember musical stuff. Now what was I talking about again?…"

Read more at www.orvillejohnson.com. Orville Johnson leads a special weekend workshop in bottleneck guitar at Centrum January 31February 3, 2008. $550 includes all meals and lodging, and he's joined by Mike Dowling and Steve James in a weekend gathering celebrating what is considered by many to be the most expressive and tuneful sound ever conceived. The weekend will include workshop sessions, faculty demonstrations, tutorials, and open jams.

Participants must have a basic technical command of their instrument(s) and basic knowledge of music theory. As part of the workshop, participants will receive free admission to the February 2 public evening performance in the Joseph F. Wheeler Theater. For Workshop Registration use our secure link or call 360.385.3102, x114. Faculty bios are beneath the jump.