British Residency Group Installation

Originally artists Sean Edwards, Jim Hobbs, Maria Glyka, Lisa Peachey, Ellie Reid, and Daniel Whibley were drawn together because of their overlapping interest in working with space, place, and site. Be it pragmatic and rational, poetic and futile, or historic, and cultural, they each use their artistic practices to investigate how they relate to, and experience these terms.

For their residency at Centrum, they have created new, individual works, which are either inspired by, or are incorporated into the specific location and architecture at Fort Worden and the surrounding area.

Their works will be shown in Batteries Quarles and Randol, situated along the main gun line, as well as in their studio—Building 205 (upstairs). Quarles and Randol are the bunkers up past Memory’s Vault. The installation will be open from 11am-5pm on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. You can access this area through the gate near Copper Canyon Press and bear to the right at the first opportunity. We’ll have signs to get you to the gate.

ADA Volunteers will be on hand Saturday from 3-4 pm to guide installation viewers.

There will also be artists in studio in Building 205 on Saturday from 3-5pm to show work in an Open Studio. They will discuss—through dialogue and through the works themselves—how they deal with and are affected by the notions of space, place, and site.