Registration Opens for 2008 Workshops

Registration has opened for Centrum's 2008 workshops. Follow the links in the top right column to learn more, or bookmark, which is our new launch page for registrations.

New in 2008, we've upgraded the software we use to handle
registrations, which will give you more information, more quickly than
ever before. As always, your feedback will help us improve how we serve

New Food
Also new in 2008, we are excited to announce a new food partner at Fort
Worden. Bon Appétit Management Company is bringing their passion for
great food inspired by a deep commitment to sustainability and locally
grown and produced fare. They share our own belief that food serves a
much larger purpose for the community. Breaking bread together helps
create a sense of community and comfort. We can't wait for you to come
to Fort Worden to experience a new era in excellent cuisine. Learn more

We look forward to seeing you at Fort Worden in 2008.