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“Port Townsend and Fort Worden are delightful. It is a picture book town, with the water, the mountain views, the stately homes, and the lovely culture. The accommodations are comfortable, the food and restaurants are fabulous, and there is just enough shopping to add interest without feeling it is a tourist town.”
            —2007 participant

Port Townsend, located two hours northwest of Seattle (including a 30-minute ferry ride), has long been home to writers, musicians, artists, and artisans. The combined energy of the arts, marine trades, and history make Port Townsend an inviting getaway.

Perched on the northeast tip of the Olympic Peninsula and located in Port Townsend, Fort Worden State Park is spoken of as an alchemist’s vessel that can multiply ambitions and the dreams and expressions of those who learn how to use it. It’s a village of historical buildings in a spectacular setting that invites reflection, relief, renewal, and expressions of excellence.

Delicious Food Services Provider!

In addition to their commitment to buying food locally—within 150 miles of the Fort Worden campus—Bon Appétit is a food service company known for its culinary expertise, commitment to socially responsible food sourcing and business practices, as well as with strong partnerships with respected conservation organizations.

Bon Appétit values fit well with those of Centrum and the evolution of Fort Worden into a lifelong learning center. Their client base also includes Seattle University, Seattle Art Museum, Nordstrom, Intel, Google, and Cornish College of the Arts. Visit their website at:

Fort Housing

Housing is assigned on a first come, first served basis, and allocated based on program need at the discretion of the registrar.

If you sign up for a Dorm room, they are mostly single rooms. Double rooms (2 beds) are available by request until filled. For some programs, such as jazz, under-18 year olds may be placed in multi-bed rooms, and will have dorm counselors on site. Most rooms have desks, and there is overhead lighting. Bathrooms are shared.

Bedding is provided, which includes sheets, a blanket, a pillow and towels.  An extra blanket or pillow might come in handy, either way. If your electronics require a three-prong outlet, you will need to bring an adapter, which is available at any hardware store.

There are also two campsites on the Fort Worden grounds-contact the Fort office to reserve – though know that they often fill a year in advance.