Gala Adventures at the “Wild Card Saloon”

Centrum_texas_hold_em_benefit_004On Saturday February 9, 2008 Centrum Gala attendees who bid on places at the "Texas Centrum_texas_hold_em_benefit_009Hold ’em" party, arrived at the "Wild Card Saloon" (AKA Harry & Zoe Ann Dudley’s house) and were "staked" to a stack of "Texas Chips." Prizes were awarded to the "big money winners" at 10 pm but the game resumed until either all the food and drink ran out (around Wednesday), or when someone had all the Centrum_texas_hold_em_benefit_006chips. Players wore their best "Texas Hold ’em" outfit “to dazzle their competition and increase their luck.”

Centrum_texas_hold_em_benefit_010Looks like everyone had a darn good time. On behalf of all whom benefit from Centrum’s programs THANK YOU Harry, Zoe Ann, Paul, David, Teresa, Bill, Patti and John and Donna!!!

Photos by Sarah DuBose