Re-thinking Two-Dimensional Stereotypes

Port Townsend Writers’ Conference faculty member Lesley Hazleton will lead a special afternoon workshop on Saturday, July 19, in how to bring historical figures to life in your writing.

"Imagining the past is what most writers do," Lesley says. "Whether in fiction or non-fiction, we re-create the past and shape it to reveal new meaning. But what happens when all we seem to have are two-dimensional stereotypes, as in Mary the virgin or Jezebel the harlot? How do we bring legends back to multi-dimensional life? Think of a historical or mythical figure who intrigues you as we explore the interface between research and imagination, the personal and the factual. Brief in-class writing is part of the deal." 

Registration for the afternoon workshops is available by following this link. In addition, Hazleton will be leading a week-long core workshop in writing creative nonfiction.