Wanda Jackson Leads ‘Roots of Rock’ Workshop

Rock & Roll was the first form of truly American music that broke down
racial barriers, crossed cultures and caused America’s youth to rise up
out of their segregated seating sections at concerts and dance in
aisles together – at a time when integration was illegal.

Our good friend Daryl Davis, in addition to being on Blues faculty this year, also happens to be the musical director for Chuck Berry, and is passionate about using music to bring people together.

To get to the chase: Daryl has put together an awesome gathering at Centrum right after the Blues festival, August 3-6, 2008. It’s called Roots of Rock, and it’s going to be a rumblin’ celebration of old-school Rock & Roll and Rockabilly.

We’re honored to have the great Wanda Jackson as our special guest for the gathering. A native of Oklahoma, Wanda’s talents were discovered by another great
entertainer from the southwest, Hank Thompson. In her early years,
Wanda worked with another young entertainer that was just getting
started by the name of Elvis Presley. Elvis encouraged Wanda to try her
hand at Rock & Roll. She did in 1956, and became America’s
first female rock & roll singer.

[Video of Wanda Jackson]

One of her many nicknames is "The Sweet Lady with the Nasty Voice." After playing the video above, you can see why.

Visit our Roots of Rock page to learn more and to register (participants will be able to play in a band with Wanda!).