Earl Murphy in the New Yorker

First time Fiddle Tunes faculy member Earl Murphy, who won a fiddle contest in 1926, has a nice photo in the April 28 issue of The New Yorker. Nancy Hartness reports from Georgia:

"We had a great weekend with Earl playing at the Second International String Band Festival of Gordon County.  It was a good trial run for Fiddle Tunes.  Although Earl has been around a lot of musicians for years, I don’t think he’d ever experienced the sense of community like that this weekend with the old time bands who were there. He especially enjoyed meeting Jim and Joyce Cauthen who will also be at Fiddle Tunes. He also enjoyed reconnecting with Rich Hartness and Tolly Tollefson who he’d met a year ago when they visited us here in Athens."

Here is a link to the photo of Earl and Art Rosenbaum from the New Yorker.

The photo is part of an article by Burkhard Bilger about field recordings, old 78s, reissues, and the strange and obsessive people in the world of record collecting. The article’s not on-line, you’ll have to buy the mag if you want to read it, but it’s worth it, it’s a great read if you’re a old time musician – of any age.