Giving Together

Centrum is a gathering place serving artists of all ages, abilities, and cultural backgrounds seeking personal growth and transformation. Through residential workshops, artist retreats, and public performances Centrum is dedicated to preserving and revitalizing cultural traditions; taking creative risks; and     generating new practices, ideas, and conversations.

Guided by the leadership and support of donors and volunteers like you, the last four years at Centrum have been a time of significant expansion and change. Our annual budget has grown from $1.8 to $3 million, with proportionate increases in earned and contributed revenues. Nationally, earned revenues account for an average of 50% of arts nonprofits’ budgets.  At Centrum we have been able to leverage contributed income to grow and improve programs that now generate earned revenues very close to 60% of our budget.

If you are a current or returning donor and/or volunteer, thank you so much for all you have made possible. If you are about to make your first gift or sign up to volunteer for the first time, welcome to an extraordinarily generous community!