Space Remaining in High School Summer Arts Camp!

June 22-27, 2008
High School Summer Arts Intensives:
Jeanine Gailey, Amber Wolfe, Amy Johnson, Juniper Shuey, Zoe Scofield

High School ArtistsSpend
a week pushing the boundaries of what you know in your chosen
discipline, with the guidance and inspiration of our core faculty and a
learning environment enriched by a community of peers.

In this June workshop, you’ll be able to pursue your passions in
creative writing, dance/video, visual art, and drama in a week-long
workshop immediately following the end of the school year. Sessions are
designed for high-school artists at any level of expertise.

Jeannine Gailey will teach “Comic Book Heroes, Mythology, and You,”
a week-long adventure in creative writing, in which you’ll be able to
explore the mythological tie-ins between ancient heroes (from Greek and
Roman to Norse and Japanese) and modern fictitious superheroes and how
they relate to our culture and ourselves. You will look at mythology
and popular culture in class and use them to help launch several
creative writing exercises during the week, including writing poems in
the voices of superheroes and villains, making up our own myths, and
writing a character sketch for an original superhero(ine).

High School Artists Amber Wolfe will lead "Exploring Shakespeare."
She will show you how to tackle Shakespearean language and bring the
texts to life while creating a performance that incorporates
Shakespeare’s text with movement and stage combat. Wolfe’s expertise
with stage combat includes both hand to hand and the use of swords.
Deepen your stage skills in this unique, focused theater workshop!

Zoe Scofield and Juniper Shuey
will be working with dancers to create a short video of their own
choreography. You will work with Zoe to create your own unique movement
and to think about how your various movements and shapes will look in
the confines of a picture frame. Once this is accomplished, students
work in pairs to film their work. You will use digital still images or
a video camera to capture each other’s compositions. Juniper is the
video/photo expert. He will help you to take your still photos and
video shorts and put them into iMovie, paired it with a musical
selection and project the finished piece on a big screen.

Amy Johnson explores “The Art of Installation.” You
will be creating images and objects to transform the studio space and
completely alter your working environment. “Our process will include
both two dimensional and three dimensional demonstrations: collage and
printmaking on paper to support two dimensional work and for three
dimensional work we will be making rubber molds to cast found objects
out of plaster, paper and rubber. You will learn different ways to
install, or display the work in a collaborative way,” says Johnson. Be
prepared to take risks, get to know everyone in the group and learn
different techniques in an experimental and playful way.  You will be
challenged to think in ways that will stretch your idea of what art is,
who needs to see it and where art can exist."

Tuition, room and board is $365. Scholarships are available.

Scholarship deadline is May 27, 2008.
Application deadline/payment due May 27, 2008.