Facing the Climate Change Challenge: Locally and Globally

Richard Gammon

Thursday, June 12th, 7 pm, Natural History Exhibit

Dr. Richard Gammon, a University of Washington Professor of Chemistry and Oceanography, will discuss the latest climate findings from 2007/2008, as well as a review of recent international climate reports. He will also present predictions of changes expected in this region, especially in agriculture and sea level, focusing on possible responses at the individual, state, federal and international levels. But, as Dr. Gammon adds …”a narrow focus on physical changes in the Pacific NW misses the point and our [ethical] responsibility.” In addition to the science, he will discuss possible human dimensions of climate change: mass migrations, desertification, food shortages and political instability. For more information go to www.ptmsc.org

Admission: $5/members; $7/non-members