Julia Chamberlain on Squirrel Effigies and Fish Houses

Julia Chamberlain is a talented high-school artist who most recently worked with Amy Johnson and Ryan Horvath in our January visual arts master class for high-school students. Julia sent along a brief word about her experiences at Centrum. Thanks Julia!

"For the past three years, I’ve had Centrum in the spring to look forward to and the memories to look back on for a lifetime. I meet great new artists every year and have the opportunity to test-drive their styles while learning how to think in new ways.

My favorite memories of Centrum include a sunrise jog down the beach, burning a squirrel effigy, making a sparkling fish house, and learning how to dance like Melvin. Every year on the drive home my heart aches for the friends I leave behind and my stomach aches for some delicious vegan cafeteria food, but it will always be there when I come back."