Terrapin Tim Reflects on Blues in Port Townsend

In response to Son Jack Jr.’s post on extending the workshop experience, Terrapin Tim was kind enough to share some word clusters from his recent  Port Townsend Country Blues experience. Thanks!

Twenty-odd guitars
in an open G tuning
slide to the twelfth fret.
Won’t you come in my kitchen,
got to be rainin’ outside.

Notes from the piano
assigning the choir’s four parts
eighty voices strong.
Before long, hands are clapping
as we sing oh, happy day.

Hand-held microphone
embellishing the vocal,
piano plays the tune.
Put your sweet lips a little
closer to the phone, he sings.

Cajun accordian
direct from the Big Easy
fronts the joyful band
in an upper room full of
strings of festive lights, and dancers.

Kenny Blues Boss Wayne
holding forth at the piano
finishes his set
by playing Blueberry Hill
in a crowded downtown club.