We Do Theater. Simple.

Theater_simple"What makes this day different than any other day?" is the question that guides Llysa (pronounced Lisa) Holland and Andrew Litzky, the co-founders of Theater Simple, who recently completed a residency stay at Centrum.

Together with Monique Kleinhans and many others–including, most of the time, audience members themselves–Theater Simple strips the theatrical experience down to its elemental parts: the imagination of the actor and audience, the playwright’s words, and the director’s vision.

Theater Simple’s site-specific plays change based on the location. The actors use what the landscape gives them so that the performance becomes a response to the site in which it is staged. 

Since 1989, Theater Simple has "produced, performed, and wrangled" over 886 performances, mostly in the United States and Australia. In addition, they have built–with a little help from their friends–seven theater spaces in the U.S. and Australia.