Curley Cooke & Annette Taborn

Curleyannettebonnie_small_2 This year’s Country blues workshop is lucky for a number of reasons to have Curley and Annette as part of the faculty. Firstly, they are both consummate musicians in their own right with a venerable blues steeped heritage. Secondly, they are the core foundation of Pacific Northwest Blues in the Schools that brings blues music to kids & adults in difficult circumstances. Thirdly, they have developed an innovative cross curriculum approach by putting the poetry of Langston Hughes to music.

Oh, and last but not least, they figure among some of the finest instructors you will find just about anywhere :-). 

Their classes will cover a number of styles, but I for one am especially looking forward to their Langston Hughes sessions. They will feature compositions that include the poems “Dream Boogie and Dream Boogie 1am”, “Po’ Boy”, “Play the Blues for me”, “Dressed up” and “Life is Fine” to name a few.

Mark your calendars – only 31 days until “blues heaven” begins!