String Quartet That Also Whistles, Whispers and Wails

Fresh off their week in Port Townsend, the Attacca Quartet just performed in New York City and were reviewed by Steve Smith in the New York Times.

"…the concert was, in a word, sensational. […] The first two pieces had something else in common: each called on
performers to do more than just play. In a striking moment early in
Huang Ruo’s “Three Tenses” (2005), Mr. Yee whistled a high, keening
melody while playing a low drone. Moments later Ms. Schroeder simulated
a gust of wind by blowing into her instrument."

For those of you who caught the Attacca's performances during their week here at the 2008 Festival, I'm sure you'd agree with that assessment. It's exciting to see a young ensemble begin to make its mark in the world. Best wishes to the Attacca Quartet.