The Port Townsend School of Woodworking
offers one, two, three, five and ten -day courses on woodworking,
cabinet making, furniture making, historic preservation and traditional

Particular offerings include:

  • Classes for Beginning Woodworkers
    Our beginner classes are designed for folks who don’t know one end of a chisel from the other but want to learn. We’ll guide you through each step of mastering the basic skills.
  • Classes for Intermediate and Advanced Woodworkers
    Our advanced courses will build your confidence with hand tools, stationary tools, design, and finishing. We will introduce you to advanced techniques like steam bending and veneering.
  • A Wide Variety of courses
    From the pragmatic to the artful: “Quick-Joinery” techniques for cabinetry; weekend project courses; advanced design and construction; Jim Tolpin’s hand tool intensives; Shaker benches to sculptural fine furniture.
  • One to Ten Day Classes
    Our classes are short but intense. The intensity is leavened with humor and examples from our experiences.

Some images from Day 3 onwards of the Out of Square class at the Port Townsend School of Woodworking. The first few days were demos, sketching, making models. Now, enthused by Seth’s vigorous teaching style they get to build the forms and stand bending the wood. Keep watching to see how the designs evolve.