Debra Stuckgold’s Worlds within the World

Debra Stuckgold  is an Oakland, California visual artist creating large scale, mixed media works on paper and mylar. She has just completed a residency in Costa Rica at Julia and David White Artist's Colony, and will be at Centrum December 22nd through early January to continue the work started there. 
She describes her series "Mapping"… 

      Untitled         Untitled dtl  
Untitled Landscape 2009

acrylic on mylar, acrylic rods and magnets   40" x 168" 

"In 1999, after spending a summer participating in an archaeological dig, I became interested in the notion of historical continuity that had long played a role in my work. I began to lay out rolls of paper on my studiooor, saturating them with layers of ink, cold wax, earth, sand, hair and raw pigments. I applied the materials directly with my hands, building up and then scraping away materials, like layers of stratified terrain…  Mapping began with images of ancient floor plans. I had printed these on layers of mylar and had them lying haphazardly on my studio floor when I became aware of the innate beauty created by their layering. I then began to print multiple layers of these images on a variety of papers and polyester film. As I joined the layers together, the history and stratification of the landscape was revealed."