Gillchun Koh’s “Flying Chetzemoka”

Boat ChetzamokaIn
2003, Korean visual artist Gillchun Koh (pictured)came to Port Townsend for the first time as a Centrum
artist-in-residence. During that time, his imagination was sparked by
the small wooden boat—known as the Chetzemoka—lying in Fort Worden’s shoreline grasses.
Through the years the strength of that image stayed with him, and now he is back at Centrum to present his newest installation: Flying Chetzemoka. By hanging several large origami representations of the Chetzemoka boat,
Gillchun attempts to connect that marine image to the freedom of
flying. Lanterns near the boats are beams of light, in contrast to the
life-size graphite frottage of the Chetzemoka on display.

Visit our residency site to learn more about Gillchun, and his January 6, 2010 open studio in Building 205.