Phffft! Dance Theater Company Makes Contact

Cyhead Cyrus Khambatta and the Phffft! Dance Theater Company  are bringing a unique collaborative residency to Centrum. Cyrus and his principal artists will begin work on December 15th, developing a new "Contact Movement" piece. The residency will conclude with two days of choreographing the new piece with a large company of dancers. 

The Company contrasts rigorous partnering and athletic movement with authentic human content to create emotionally moving dance that is both visually beautiful and physically demanding.

Critics describe an evening with Phffft!:
The entire Phffft! company demonstrated smooth partnering skills and fluid ensemble work that belied the strength and precision timing they took to execute."
Michael Upchurch – Seattle Times

"Khambatta's choreography has plenty of merit, keeping to the theme in all sorts of cogent and remarkable ways. He made a statement with words, then let movement do the rest"
R.M. Campbell – Seattle Post Intelligencer

The Phffft! Dance Theater Company also offers a variety of outreach programs throughout the state. Mr. Khambatta has worked over 20 years with public schools, government agencies, neighborhood development programs, and other community-based organizations. Christian Swenson, a Centrum Young Artists Project faculty member, will participate as one of the dancers. Collaborative Residencies are a great way to bring new artistic projects to life, and Centrum is excited to be part of this new work in progress!