The 2010 Port Townsend Writers’ Conference: The Residency-Only Option

2006Writers_Mullensky (16) There are many ways to attend the 2010 Port Townsend Writers' Conference: as a morning-workshop participant, as an afternoon-workshop participant, as an audience member, or through the increasingly popular residency-only option.

Here is the testimony of one writer who attended as a resident in 2009: "I completed the first draft of my novel and started a rewrite. I love the residency option and the interactions with other writers during the meals. I didn't attend a workshop, or all of the readings, but I did attend some and really enjoyed them. Of course the location cannot be beat."

The way this option works, is that a writer (currently about twenty writers are coming under this option) signs up for room and board, immerses her- or himself in the craft lectures, readings, and camaraderie, but spends their time reading, writing, and soaking in the beauty and serenity of the Fort Worden location.

Registration for the 2010 Port Townsend Writers' Conference is available here, as well as by calling Centrum at 360.385.3102, x131.

Morning workshop faculty members include fiction writer Chris Abani, nonfiction writer Denise Chávez, poet Martín Espada, poet Dana Levin, travel writer Tom Miller, nonfiction writer Bich Minh Nguyen (leading a master class), fiction writer Micheline Aharonian Marcom, and fiction writer Ana Menéndez.

There will be a lot going on during the July 18-25 week—including workshops, freewrites, readings, craft lectures, and other activities. But most importantly, the Conference offers writers the space and time to 2006Writers_Mullensky (23) think, write, and revise.

Whether you’re seeking to create or revise new work, find writing community, or simply desire a writing retreat in an inspirational location, the Port Townsend Writers’ Conference has been since 1974 at the heart of the thriving Pacific Northwest literary scene: a rigorous and invigorating community for writers, editors, thinkers, translators, and ardent readers.