Where craftivism can take you…

Chandelier Mandy Greer's room-size installation, Dare alla Luce, first appeared in 2008 at the Bellevue Arts Museum. In December, 2009, Dare alla Luce was exhibited in Miami at Aqua Art Miami Wynwood. Aqua Art Miami is a contemporary art fair that takes place in Miami concurrent with Art Basel Miami Beach.

Based in Seattle, Aqua's organizers have made it their mission to promote innovative programming from the west coast as well as the greater USA and abroad, with a particular interest in young dealers and galleries with strong emerging artist programs.

Greer is a mixed-media installation artist with an MFA from the University of Washington. Her most recent projects blend community, installation and performance.

The term “Craftivism” was coined to define a new movement of DIY (Do it Yourself) craft, activism and community.  It is described as a way of looking at life where voicing opinions through creativity makes your voice stronger, your compassion deeper and your quest for justice more infinite.

Greer says, "I make large installations that transform spaces into enchanted environments, creating full body experiences, like trespassing on a theatrical set.  My current projects are about making visceral transitory states of the human emotional experience tangible through the overabundance of crocheted, knitted and sewn fabric." 

Students who come to Centrum in 2010 have the opportunity to bring attention their ideas using materials in a DIY  aesthetic and sculpting using found objects and papier mâché, basic crocheting and knitting, and simple sewing techniques. Mandy Greer is teaching at Explorations, March 7-12, 2010; Blue Heron Tales, Texts & Theater, March 29-April 2, 2010; and High School Summer Arts Camp, August 8-14, 2010.