Colleen Hayward Shows Admiralty Inlet Series

The Catherine Person Gallery present

 with Gala Bent, Colleen Hayward, Renee Zettle-Sterling, Heidi Schwegler

Join us for the Opening 1st Thursday, April 1st, 2010 from 6-8 pm
319 Third Avenue South, Pioneer Square, Seattle WA

Transubstantial combines the words transformation and substantial and this show examines a few holes in our social fabric, transformation and devices for contemplation.

Admiralty Inlet #11  

Colleen Hayward's  minimalist paintings are from a new series of work titled Admiralty Inlet. The series was inspired by her time at the Admiralty Inlet beach during a recent Centrum Residency.
Hayward said "The strong horizontal drag and vertical pull of inked strokes reminds me of those moments when the tide was pulling all the water out and yet waves still managed to cross back over and through and break on the beach."  Warp and waft is her trademark. These monochromatic ink paintings are sheer as silk.

Colleen was in residence for several weeks this winter. Like most artists she spent part of each day walking the shoreline. By the time I got to peek into her studio, she had amassed a collection of treasures hanging from walls and strewn across the furniture. Lights were rigged here and there, and on the floor… the beginnings of Admiralty Inlet