Centrum Welcomes David Bromberg

David Bromberg There is a special class of musician that you hear about from time to time. They may not be household names, but in the circles of players and aficionados, they are the ones everyone keeps their eyes (and ears) on.

This year, at Centrum's Port Townsend Acoustic Blues Festival, we are showcasing one of the finest of these players, David Bromberg.

An expert at acoustic and electric guitar, fiddle, and dobro, and one of the most respected musicians of his era, David appears on more than 100 studio albums as a sideman and guest performer, including appearances on songs by Bob Dylan, Ringo Starr, The Eagles, and Willie Nelson. 

His most recent solo release, 2008's Try Me One More Time, was nominated for Grammy. Listen to David play live and about his career on on National Public Radio:

David Bromberg – World Cafe

We're excited to welcome David to Port Townsend in 2010. In addition to performing, he'll lead a workshop session on blues guitar To register for the Port Townsend Acoustic Blues Festival, or to learn about the other world-class musicians will be part of the Festival, visit our blues site.