Sing with Laurie Lewis and Tom Rozum

Aside from being top-tier musicians, Laurie Lewis and Tom Rozum are just a heck of a lot of fun to hang out with. Laurie and Tom are on faculty at Voiceworks this year, and we're excited to have them back in Port Townsend. 

Musically speaking, these two can do it all, but we are particularly looking forward to their duet work. They do much more than simply harmonize, so if you are looking to perfect that element of your singing repertoire, we think you'll have an amazing week learning from and singing with them.

Here's one of the classes they'll be teaching at Voiceworks:

Duet, trio and quartet harmony singing all include the practice of duplicating one's singing partners' phrasing, note and tone selection so that the voices fit one another like a glove. In that way, it's the perfect study for becoming a better singer—and it's incredibly fun to do!  In this class, we'll be listening to and studying the masters of bluegrass and country singing. Deconstructing and replicating great harmonies will help demystify the different voice stacking. It's not hard when you learn the basic rules. You'll soon be on your way to harmonizing in the style of the Stanleys, the Louvins, the Osbornes, the Delmores, and the Everlys, brother.

Here's a recent video of Tom and Laurie singing "Dixie Darlin.'"