Summer Singing at Voiceworks

Humans seem to be innately musical, and one of the most compelling forms of human expression is singing. While we do offer singing in our Fiddle Tunes, Jazz, and Blues workshops, one of our more popular recent additions has been Voiceworks – an entire week of singing curated (broadly) around the Roots/Americana genres.

If you love to sing (and who doesn't?) you'll be able to work with an amazing group of artists learning:

  • Classic Swing Style Singing
  • Western Swing Style Singing
  • Roots Singing with a focus on technique
  • Roots Singing with a focus on creating harmonies
  • Southern Ballads
  • The Art of Satiric and Comic Song
  • Making the Song Your Own
  • Songs from the Heart
  • Honky Tonk Repertoire and Style
  • Beginning and Intermediate Harmony
  • Cowboy Songs and Yodeling
  • Gospel Singing

This year, we're hosting the Voiceworks gathering June 28-July 3. Grammy-winner Laurie Lewis will be on hand with Tom Rozum, as well the great Ethel Caffie-Austin, Orville Johnson, Wylie Gustafson, Pharis Romero and many more.

Visit our Voiceworks site for more information and to register.