Ukulele at Blues Week, Port Townsend

Delwithuke We have a robust ukulele offering this summer - here are daily offerings from Lightnin' Wells and Del Rey:

Blues Ukulele Styles of the Early 20th Century – Del Rey
You’ll learn tunes from Hokum groups like The Pebbles in the '20s, New Orleans blues from Lemon Nash, Piedmont ukulele from Rabbit Muse and some guitar sources that work on uke like Papa Charlie Jackson and Charlie Jordon. Music will be taught by ear – no tab, bring your uke and a recorder and notebook.

Mainland Uke – Lightnin’ Wells
You’ll learn vintage tunes in the mainland style for the standard (soprano) ukulele. Vintage tunes from the 1920s, when the uke reigned supreme in America, will be explored such as It Ain’t Gonna Rain No Mo’, My Blue Heaven, I’ll See You In My Dreams and Shine On Harvest Moon. You’ll learn how to jam along to some blues tunes on this small but mighty instrument. Copies of many of the songs presented from vintage sheet music from the era with chord diagrams will be available. All songs will be presented in the now widely accepted C tuning for the ukulele G-C-E-A.